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The Loyola Schools Review is a refereed journal, published annually by the Office of Research and Publications of the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University.

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Vol 6 (2007)

Table of Contents

John Gokongwei School of Management

From the Editor
Mari-jo P. Ruiz vii
Parenting a Business and a Family PDF
Socorro Ramos 1-6
Should In-Laws be Outlaws? PDF
Dennis Valdes 7-13
Succession Planning: A Second Generation Perspective PDF
Josephine Gotianun-Yap 15-20
Multi-Unit vs. Single-Unit Franchise Ownership: Insights from the Philippine Fastfood Industry PDF
Rodolfo P. Ang 23-45
An Analysis of the Coffee Service Industry in Metro Manila and the Buying Behavior of its Consumers PDF
Cynthia A. Henson 47-78
Media Exposure and Sources of Brand Awareness among the Youth PDF
Anna A. Mendiola 79-113
Penetrating the Stirring Dragon: Musings After Initial Contact with China PDF
Joseph Sedfrey S. Santiago 117-122
Redress of Customer Grievance and Brand Loyalty in the Philippines: A Tenuous Nexus PDF
Joseph Sedfrey S. Santiago 123-134
About the Authors
Mari-jo P. Ruiz 135

School of Humanities

From the Editor
Remmon E. Barbaza vii-viii
Paghawak sa Panahon: Ang Salaysay Bilang Talinghaga sa Tula PDF
Edgar Calabia Samar 1-21
The Essence of Language as Saying: The Essential Truth of Being PDF
Marc Oliver dG. Pasco 23-46
Introduction to "Reading" Thales: The Effect of his Thinking in Aristotle's Metaphysics PDF
Darren Gustafson 49-68
Baring The Political: Bare Life, Borders And The Body PDF
Maita A. Sayo 69-100
The Enlightenment of Sixth Patriarch Hui-Neng as seen through Abe Masao PDF
Anton Luis Sevilla 101-118
Explaining Zidane: A Deconstruction With Adorno and Derrida PDF
Lukas Kaelin 119-135
The Nature and Role of Doctrine in Christian Faith PDF
Joseph L. Roche, S.J. 137-170
About the Authors and the Editor
Remmon E. Barbaza 171-172

School of Science and Engineering

From the Editor
Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo vii-viii
Determining Symmetries of Semi-Regular Tilings PDF
, Eden Delight B. Provido 1-19
A Practical Real-Time Soft Shadow Algorithm Optimized for Modern Consumer-Level Hardware PDF
Eric Cesar E. Vidal, Jr. 20-42
Genetic Diversity of Philippine Allium Sativum L. (Alliaceae) Using Random Amplified Polymorphic Dna (Rapd) Analysis PDF
Vivian A. Panes, Ralph Arnold S. Lasala, Vivian S. Tolentino, Merab A. Chan 43-63
Petrographic Analysis of Rocks and Sediments Around the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna: Implications Regarding Sulfate Distribution and Provenance PDF
Rene Juna R. Claveria, Teresita R. Perez, Jona Kristel V. Tesorero, Benica Joy D. Pasaporte, Gillian Mari S. Bayugo 64-77
An Analysis of Two Genetic Algorithm Parameters in Two Optimization Problems PDF
Proceso L. Fernandez, Jr. 78-95
Reengineering Towards a Structured Systems Development Environment PDF
Ariel A. Maguyon 96-109
About the Authors and the Editors
Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Reginaldo M. Marcelo 111-113

School of Social Sciences

From the Editor
Stephen Henry S. Totanes vii-ix
Estelle Marie Ladrido 1-26
Comparing Social Beliefs and Values in an Intergroup Asymmetric Conflict PDF
Ma. Elizabeth J. Macapagal, Cristina J. Montiel 27-38
Anxiety in Adolescents: Investigating How Cognitive Motivations and Social Support Relate with Anxious Symptomatology PDF
Karina Galang Fernandez 39-61
International Reserves: Evidence from Southeast Asia and Latin America PDF
Noel P. de Guzman 63-88
Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Fertility in the Philippines: Reexamining Parental Education PDF
Cristina Manalo Bautista 89-114
Forensic Accounting: Hidden Balance of Payments of the Philippines PDF
Edsel L. Beja, Jr. 115-128
Re-evaluating Spain's Philippine Colonial Policy PDF
Jose S. Arcilla, S.J. 129-149
About the Authors and the Editor
Stephen Henry S. Totanes 151-153

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