Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research

The Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research is a peer reviewed, ranked journal (Category B) by the Commission on Higher Education Journal Accreditation Service. The contents are multidisciplinary: health, behavioral and social science; business, law and public policy; education, culture and arts; philosophy and religion; science and mathematics;and, engineering,ict and technology.


Vol 6, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


The Quality of Researches of a Southeast Asian University as Evaluated by Peer Reviewers
Genaro V. Japos
Manubo Matigsalug Dances of Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon
Viberlino T. Yamut
The Power to Influence and to Protect: Interconnectedness of the Human Bodies among the Visayans and the Indigenous People
Lilian C. Dela Peña, MA
Andragogy in the Use of Peer Reviewed (ISI) Research Literature in Graduate Courses
Genaro V. Japos, Ph.D., Teresita T. Tumapon, Ph.D.
Academic, Clinical and In-house Review Performances as Predictors of Outcomes in Nursing Licensure Examination
Donna Lou E. Neri, RN, MHSS
Error Analysis in the Essays Written by Math, Science and Engineering Faculty
Salvador Dela Peña, MA
Is Mathematics Review Giving an Edge in Learning High School Chemistry Concepts?
Dominic T. Polancos, MPA
Management of Culture and Arts in Selected Higher Education Institutions in Caraga, Southern Philippines
Shyla O. Moreno, Ed.D
Problem Solving: Best of Four Methods of Teaching College Algebra
Jennifer M. Montero, Ed. D.
Compliance with Corporate Governance Mechanisms among Rural Banks
Mariano M. Lerin, Ph.D., CPA
An Environmental Scanning of the IT-Enabled Business Process Outsourcing Industry in Cebu
Agnes C. SequiÑo
Microfinancing Program of City Social Welfare and Development Office: Integrated Development of Beneficiaries in Butuan City
Emiliana J. Lozana, DBA
The Safer River, Life Saver Projects of Liceo de Cagayan University: Their Impact on the Cagayan de Oro River
Rosalina S. Huerbana
Mitigating Measures and Level of Preparedness against Risks and Disasters among Local Government Units
Jofi Valdehuesa Mahilum, Ph.D.
Solid Waste Management System Needs of a Suburban Community
Richie Grace M. Lago
Organizational Components and the Four-Fold Functions of the MSU System Colleges of Agriculture
Nida A. Ilupa
Modeling of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Using Historical Process Data
Ian Kit Nehemiah M. Dap-Og, D.M.
The Library Interactive Pathfinder for Information Technology Program
Andrew P. Ponte, Linda L. Modoñedo, DM, Aurora Cindy G. Agno

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