Vol 31, No 1 (2006)

Table of Contents

Mini review

Bioinformatics and crop information systems in rice research PDF
Richard Bruskiewich, Thomas Metz, Graham McLaren 5-12

Genetic resources

Dhanrasi, a new lowland rice variety with Oryza rufipogon genes for improving yield potential and resistance to biotic stresses PDF
T Ram, ND Majumder 13-14
NDR2026: a new rice variety released for mid-early irrigated areas of Uttar Pradesh, India PDF
JL Dwivedi, RS Verma, SP Giri, AK Tripathi, RN Vishwakarma 15-16
CSR23: a new salt-tolerant rice variety for India PDF
RK Singh, GB Gregorio 16-18
Rajendra Sweta, a new high-yielding quality rice variety for Bihar PDF
VN Sahai, RC Chaudhary 18-19
Karjat 6, a new, superfine medium-duration rice variety in Maharashtra, India PDF
BV Ingale, BD Waghmode, VV Dalvi, AP Rewale 19-20
Sahyadri 2, an early rice hybrid for Maharashtra State in India PDF
BV Ingale, ND Jambhale, Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, BD Wahmode, VV Dalvi 20-21

Pest science and management

Analysis of Pyricularia grisea populations from three different blast epidemics PDF
D Mishra, UD Singh, AB Dash, JN Reddy, R Sridhar, MLC George, CM Vera Cruz, MA Bernardo, H Leung, R Sridhar 22-24
Record of a hyperparasitoid on Pseudogonatopus nudus Perkins (Dryinidae: Chrysidoidea) parasitizing Nilaparvata lugens (St PDF
S Manickavasagam, A Prabhu, R Kanagarajan 24-25
Endo- and ectoparasites of the Philippine rice field rat, Rattus tanezumi Temminck, on PhilRice farms PDF
MM Antolin, RC Joshi, LS Sebastian, LV Marquez, UG Duque, CJ Domingo 26-27

Soil, nutrient, and water management

Effects of cultivating a rice crop under aerobic conditions with film mulching on soil microbial activity PDF
Cai Kunzheng, Luo Shiming 28-29
The nature of humic substances under long-term manuring and fertilization in a rice-wheat system PDF
DK Das, Nand Ram 29-31


Impact analysis of Technology Assessment and Refinement through Institution-Village Linkage Program PDF
KD Kokate, LG Pawar, BS Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth 32-33
A preliminary forecast of the intensification of global and regional rice production PDF
Wenjun Zhang, Yanhong Qi 33-35
Farmer participatory learning on integrated crop management of lowland rice in Mali PDF
FE Nwilene, MA Togola, A Hamadoun 35-37
TAR-IVLP: an effective institutional mechanism for assessing the appropriateness of rice varieties PDF
P George Joseph, KP Santhosh Kumar, M Anantharaman, S Ramanathan 37-38

International Rice Research Notes ISSN:0117-4185