Vol 2, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents


The Identity and Morphology of the Three Species of Drynaria (Polypodiaceae) in Bukidnon, Philippines PDF
Lesley C. Lubos, Victor B. Amoroso 14-48
Some Medicinal Bryophytes: their Ethnobotanical Uses and Morphology PDF
Andrea G. Azuelo, Lalaine G. Sariana, Melanie P. Pabualan 49-80
Ethnobotanical Inventory and Assessment of Medically-Important Plant Roots in Cebu Island, Philippines PDF
Rommel S. Miano, Jay P. Picardal, Charlyn Ann G. Alonso, Deralgine Reuyan 81-102
Rapid Assessment and Feeding Guilds of Birds in Selected Rubber and Oil Palm Plantations in North Cotabato PDF
Marion John Michael M. Achondo, Lothy F. Casim, Violeta P. Bello, Krizler R. Tanalgo, Angelo R. Agduma, Bryan Lloyd P. Bretana, Liezl S. Mancao, James Gregory S. Salem, Janette P. Supremo 103-120
Diversity of Butterflies in the Selected Key Biodiversity Areas of Mindanao, Philippines PDF
Alma B. Mohagan, Dave P. Mohagan, Antonio E. Tambuli 121-148
Preliminary Study on the Macrofungi of Bazal-Baubo Watershed, Aurora Province, Central Luzon, Philippines PDF
Edwin R. Tadiosa, Efren S. Agbayani, Nestor T. Agustin 149-171
Growth Response of Bago (Gnetum gnemon) Cuttings to Various Rooting Agents PDF
Rumila C. Bullecer, Gladys Hope C. Bullecer 172-182
Hybridization and Genetic Improvement of Mulberry Varieties PDF
Crestilyn N. Damasco, Merlita A. Dacayanan, Lilia A. Ancheta, Menirva J. Tabafunda, Roel D. Supsup, Cristeta F. Gapuz 183-207

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