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Vol 8, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Allergy and Environment: Insights from the Writings of Arturo B. Rotor MD, First Filipino Allergist PDF
Abercio V Rotor 323-346
The Relative Strengths of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Actions in the Philippine Economy PDF
Virgilio M Tatlonghari 347-368
Analysis of the Utilization of Minus-One Element Technique (MOET ) in Magdalena, Laguna and Its Impact on Farmers PDF
Mario V Perilla, Rowena DLP de Torres, Judith J Cauilan 369-382
Techno-Managerial Study on Vermicomposting Technology Utilization and its Impact on the Four Business Functions of Selected Users in Laguna PDF
Mario V Perilla, Elda C Alcantara, Ronilo P Violanta 383-392
The Malady of Apathy and the Task of Philosophy PDF
Jovino G Miroy 393-412
Karol Wojtyla: On Person and Subjectivity PDF
Jove Jim S Aguas 413-454
The Gewirthian Principle of Generic Consistency as a Unifying Principle and Foundation for Human Rights PDF
Fromm PDF
Rafael D Pangilinan 467-484
The Filipino View of Japan - a Survey from the Spanish Period to World War II PDF
Augusto V de Viana 485-502
Maguindanaoan Wedding Traditions Until the Late 1960s PDF
Margarita R Cojuangco 503-520
Mulang Talambuhay Tungong Antolohiya: Ang Pagbubuo ng Kasaysayan ng Grupong Agos - ang mga Dayo sa Siyudad at ang Pagsagka sa PDF
Corazon Lalu-Santos 521-570
Ave Maria: Mga Dalit at Dasal kay Maria, mga Yamang Pampanitikan PDF
Elmer C Hibek 571-606


Abstracts of Dissertations and Theses Accepted at the UST Graduate School, 2007-2008 PDF

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